Monday, 15 April 2013

Playing with design and maths for the interactive display

Following yesterdays exciting developments with the overall lattice or template that The Universal Embrace will be constructed over, I have been playing with the idea of having the navigation buttons outside of that plane.

Obviously the buttons will have to follow some type of mathematical formula, and linking in with the free energy love machines design, I have decided to have its genesis in the three basic shapes, square, circle, triangle.

This is exciting for me, and a lot of fun to create with the utilisation of adobe illustrator.

Here in this diagram below, I am playing with various options for displaying buttons that will add and subtract data from the overall finished design.

The circle square triangle idea also stemmed from a time at university when I purchased a book - The Genesis of Form, by XXXXX XXXX in which different artists are given a brief to place the three basic shapes into an artistic statement.

The idea has long fascinated me and become an interesting starting point for many creative ventures of mine.

Here in this design below, I have offered two ideas for the buttons associated with the interactive display of 'The Universal Embrace', but of course, due to screen restrictions, only one or the other will be used. I have not yet decided if the buttons will go below, or on top of the design and will have to wait until the design and interactive display develops more.

This is an experiment utilising the square circle triangle for the interactive buttons of the final interactive display of The Universal Embrace.

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