Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The rhizomatic relations of skeletal structure

The rhizomatic relations of skeletal structure.

Now that I have a template for my online design and an online blog I will be able to make more frequent entries of progress and reflections.

I'm having some trouble finding skeletons to photograph and draw-but I'm planning to search out these again in the next week.

At a recent family gathering, I excitedly related my idea to describe an embrace in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and political dimensions in an interactive format-between two people of the same sex. I think this is very exciting, but an aunty said of my plan to draw two skeletons embracing, 'better make sure they like each other!'. Obviously other people are not as interested in how exciting I think this new idea is. I won't be discouraged by others opinions, and make a note to myself to pick and choose my audience on speaking abut my work.

My supervisor Maureen pointed out something interesting, in that drawing the physical skeletal structure to begin this constructivist event, has a rhizomatic relation with the start of my writing, and this has spurred on this note taking.

Its interesting that I may start with the skeleton, putting the physical world before anything else, or any of the other dimensional qualities of this work. Maybe it is because that the physical structure of skeletons is the most obvious think pinning up the constructivist design. But is it realy? There is a feeling of mine that we are spirits renting a body until it expires, kind of a dimensional birth that is basically a school for us in earthly form. So why might I not join the first impression of the embrace in more spiritual terms first?

It reflects the physical nature of relationships I think. The chakras, auras and heat auras I was going to add in later, along with the flesh, and body organs.

There is another interesting dialogue at play here - that the notion of a skeletal structure may be the genesis of starting to write my blog, that the ideas relating to drawing the skeletal structures is a direct rhizomatic relation to the structure of my writing.

This I found quite exciting, because it gave me a starting point to start writing these notes about how to produce this work in tandem with a written component.

The internet virtual and the physical.

The internet, by virtue, is a virtual space, it does not exist in a more tangible way as more traditional art, but my work has its genesis in the tangible world. This supposes that the physical world, and the more etherial nature of a two dimensional, electronic energy powered vehicle combines both the etherial and the rational.

I think it is also interesting that I will be constructing something based on form and space both in the two dimensional plane and the three dimensional form and space design. Working from the expressed spaces of rib cages and isometric perspective will be necessary for the design.

Of course, we know the nature of online browsing will change soon due to the more high resolution screens coming in. In this way I will still keep my blog and design through blogspot.com and wix.com, but I will articulate the final design in such a way that it will hold enough resolution to suit future vehicles of technology in terms of presentation. In this way the work will suitably lat the notion of an internet changing form in the near future. It begs the question of digitisation and the 'everlasting' nature of it, to make a statement that will last as long as the technology supports it.

Is this a claim to immortality in the digital world? And will the digital age last the foreseeable future when censorship could be an issue, the connectiveness of computers and the necessary technology to keep it going? I'll not think about such things yet, as the only thing we can rely on is change, yet I will aim for a 5 year window in the preparation of my design to be live.

In Taoism particularly, it is claims your thoughts are not actually your own, that they just pass through. In this way, to make an art piece is to capture a thought, perhaps more related to catching spirituality or thought in a physical way. Here, in my project, it seems to be the case that I will be capturing a single event, a moment, in time, and considering all perceivable or imagined dimensions as applies to a narrative of awareness. Even the idea of this is interesting I think, it describes a person that is physical, spiritual, emotional, and lives in a particular society and state of technology. I will have to explore this idea further, and also the seeming need to gain immortality in artistic endeavour.

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