Monday, 15 April 2013

Getting excited about geometry!

This is the template of the final display of the universal embrace. (Below)

It is based on a golden rectangle that resonates with the divine, and this is a reflection of some growth in self actualisation that a male to male romantic embrace occurring within the matrix of unfolding divinity can exist!

In earlier writings and in my artistic narratives of the past there has never been a celebratory moment in terms of a deep connection between two men.

I feel that at this point in life for me personally I have allowed myself to be engaged and transformed by the power of love and trust in my relationship.

So here you can see that this Universal Embrace, relates to a narrative of being gay, but also speaks for everyone whom has ever had a loving embrace.

In this diagram, the unfurling of the spiral is kind of like a spirit spiral, of which you can find throughout nature. It is endless and this final interactive piece will complicate and simplify the relationship between divinity, endlessness, and the chances that can happen under that structure.

It really is a case of releasing the past and having gratitude for experiences past, and being also grateful for the present. There is a nice dialogue between what is perfect, and what is chance-like. I love Paul Kellies song, 'Love never runs on time'.

Underpinning what will be visual layers of the rational physical and the esoteric, also drawing simplifications and complications, is the idea that love is a divine energy, and is represented so within the matrix of the design.

I have decided that the buttons that are to be used to navigate the design will actually be outside this golden triangle, simply because I think it is going to be easier to technically manifest, and also because I think I would really like to explore the whole dynamics of the evolving 'spirit spiral' that occurs in this image.

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