Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Letter from myself at age 15, with reflections to come.

Introduction to Thesis exegesis
2012 Masters in Education
Victoria University



To Rich (or RIK!) ha Age 24! !

Im 16 tomorrow. Wow. Will I get a guitar, or a jacket? I s'pose you know. I'd like to smash a
guitar right now. "You want ta - He wants ta learn the guitar. It's no use havin' it in his room
by himself. He's got to get out and play in a band!' KERIST!

Where are you? In a zoo? A mental institution? Possibly a mansion, Nah you've got no go.
Maybe your're in the tip, making mechanical hands out of coat hangers. Hey, are you on
another planet? Maybe you'll never read this. Maybe you've been abducted by aliens, or
killed in a nuc bomb. That means I'd be wasting my time right now, but that doesn't matter,
I do it all the time.

I bet you're really cut you havn't done anything in your childhood. What a waste. Have you
still got mates like Grant Jacobs? You God damn bore. I've got heaps of homework
tonight, BIO, CHEM, MAT A, ENG etc.

I hope now that you're a success in life. You can't change me now, but I can change u can't
I?You're at my mercy, Under my power. Are you an enigmatic presence packing red death
now? Maybe I'll feel your feelings when I'm 24 at this moment. 25! Gee! half way to 50! I
remember when I thought I was old at 10.

I want you to read this to your wife or best buddy. If you're laughing, best wife or buddy, or
rather, best buddy or wife, I give permission for RICHARD WILLIAM MCLEAN to either
bash you, or hmmm...

Hows the world looking now? Overcrowded, polluted, overused, exhausted? Or have the
extra yerr's taken over to control we numbskulls? I bet there's smog everywhere. All those
poor species deceased. 

Hey, have you seen an OILS concert yet? Or have you grown out of kids stuff like
everyone else?

If kids ran the world, we'd be right. PTO...

Maybe I should leave a sample of air for ya!

Do you still like 60's music? I'm into it, man. I'd hate if someone reads this. I hope guilt
looms over their heads until they tell me.

(Points to a cartoon charactor) Is he a success? Maybe he is your only friend. If he is, do
something about it.

I tried to invent a flying saucer today. By a gyroscope I copied, or magnetic powered. or a
combination of both with a huge fan. Maybe you've got one.

What have you lived life for? Was it worth it? Do you wish I'd been popular in school or just
'RICH' that everybody knows?

What are ya? Bikie, hiker, hobo, millionaire?

I bet you're average, nothing special. Do I hate you? No, just wondering. Maybe I'll find a
source of inner strength, and do something with my life, maybe I won't.

Want to know whats in your room? 2 x Oils articles, A Rockhampton and Canberra flag on
a bamboo pole, a Halls Gap and Sydney badge, a homemade crayon, environmental
balance symbol, jars and bottles full of marbles, my license, heudo, surfing posters,
roadsign dartboard reptile articles, energy for life poster, 2 x free flow design, an E.T.
pamphlet, postcards, photos, garfield in a noose, a plastic hand, a paper 'sprint' hand, a
goanna photo with me and a paper starfish, a red barren paper aeroplane, a spiderman
mickey mouse badges, a guitar strap, Footrot Flats picture, list of twenty elements,
ribbons, cars, piles of old rubbish, old broken typewriter, a desk, (homemade), full of
graffiti, a 'telephone book moneybox', bed, tape recorder, tapes, dog with specs, gecko
cage, chair, amp, guitar bean bag heaps of school books, plants, (one meditating under a

Just got 'Place without a postcard' - Midnight Oil from Kerrie + Mark + Karen + Christian for
b'day. Got Brut 33 from Sara. Kerries surprise party tomorrow. gonna be good.

By god, tomorrows gonna be alright.

I'll try and make ya great, Rich!
Best wishes,
(Age 16 minus 1 day).

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