Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Deleted narrative on spirit

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Now, at age 40, and reflecting on my narrative reply to myself when I was 15, I guess I have reached some sort of conciliation with my inner adolescent. I'm very grateful for my life, and I have made some peace through this study for my experiences. 

We all will die, I will die, and although not morbidly obsessed by that fact I have a feeling that that is ok-and I am here to learn and express what I can as an artist, and as a person, in the contexts of multiverses-a partner, a son, a friend, a lover. Even hopefully one day a partner in a marriage under the auspice of man-made law. I believe that as spiritual people, Steve and I are already married in a kind of spiritual bond, you could say.

That offers up different types of law. One is man-made, one is spiritual law, and the other is moral law. I am reminded of a quote here by Einstein. That is, ‘The rational mind is a faithful servant, and the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. We have created a society, that honours the servant, and has forgotten the gift.’

I think of this in terms of my book, Ego & Soul. For without knowing it at the time, I was describing the corruptible, and the incorruptible. That is, the ego, and the essence, or spirit.
In this book, you can literally see the ego being corrupted, as the title suggests, i make myself naked, literally, and expose the sum of prejudices I have learned by that time. Yet as I explained in the foreword, that sometimes I felt my art was directed by The Great Spirit itself. 

Spirituality could in some ways reflect opposite themes for me. One is the mystery of life-the other are the certainties that I will, in my childlike way as I used to type on our play typewriter, 'go back to the place of origin'. I knew this and still feel I know this and I consider that the elements that make up a person manifest through different energies, from both far away and close places. By far away I mean we manifest partially, in an unseen manner, from the higher dimensions described in sharmanic knowledge where we have not had to suffer the burdens of a four dimensional experience. That of course, is being in a human body that has a spiritual intelligence attached to it. One might call it a cosmic ballet. In my version of spirituality, what I feel and have for a long time, albeit forgetting it in times of trauma, is that my childhood mantra will happen-that we will return to the place of origin.

The other thing about this, is remembering to ask this energy into your life. By this I'll give the following example. I have performed some meditative 'healings' with people which I don't care to go into detail about here, but when I ask the person 'When was the last time you asked your guides for help?', the answer is inevitably 'A long time ago'. As a spiritualist I am giving of the affirmation that if there were an MCG of people, passed ones, angels, and helpers that are available for service-and that all you have to do is ask of pure heart, that this can help. I indeed have to remind myself to ask for help, and sometimes fall into the role of the doubting Thomas.

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