Monday, 25 March 2013

Some past references of embraces.

One of the most famous images of the 20th century, from the front cover of Time Magazine in 1945 when Japan surrendered explores the political landscape and contextualizes the image of the ‘Times Square Kiss’, by Alfred Eisenstaedt. (Eisenstaedt, 1945) In these images, spirit and emotion is present, yet these are static by their nature of being photographs. 

Contemporary photography of an embrace includes one from the Vancouver Hockey riots, which ended up in this world of social media with the photo that emerged ‘going viral’. This highlights the impact of technology and of the environment and again politicizes and contextualizes the embrace (Jones, 2011) (

This is an interesting way I thought of combining the two energies of people albeit its not in an embrace.

Klimpts embrace speaks through its composition, and strikes me as more a design than a painting, or has a strong design element. ‘The Kiss’, by Gustav Klimpt, an early modern contemporary image of an embrace from 1907-8. It is indicative of a lovers’ embrace, yet within the context of Europe and embrace as greetings, it must be understood and considered that the idea of greeting embraces is not universal across cultures, and different customs are used in different parts of the world (

This early fresco religious painting has a visual mechanism of what a crown chakra might mean, or appear as.

6000 year old Neolithic archaeological dig site near Mantova, Italy.

Photo released February 6, 2007. (Enrico Pajello/Handout/Reuters)

The earliest record of an embrace I could physically find...

After thinking about the emotional physical and spiritual aspects of people with this study, I quickly drew this image. It was the hour my dear Nana passed over. In it, I am comforting her smallish body, perhaps a reflection of honouring the old, but also honouring the inner child as well in that time of greif.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The initial template for the study is gaining form!

The templates for 'The Universal Embrace' creative component is coming together and I have chosen Blogspot to express the words and images for the next 3 years.

For the website, I have chosen hosting for its simplicity and interactive qualities that are easy to navigate and have clean, crisp designs that you can manipulate in any way you like.

These first initial posts are to gain an understanding of how Blogspot works and how it will be placed into my profile website on Wix, so I'll post a picture of the stylised background for my site, which is an image I manipulated from a mandelbrot set found on the internet.

Here is a preview, with a nice sand tone so you can read text legibly across and over the top.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The working posting of the Free Love Energy Machine!

Sorry about the last post I had trouble uploading the file.

Here it is!

Preceeding work in maths art and animation - The Love machine!

This is a multimedia design for an almost endless gyroscope idea that I have had the idea for for years but didn't ever commit to a design until Nov, 2011. It's interesting how I have arrived at the gyroscopes design by examining the three basic mathematical and visual shapes, the triangle, circle, and square. Take the time to see this video through to its end, and you will conceptually see how pulses of magnetism from the electromagnet theoretically pulses the model to spin around, with the help of inertia from the gyroscope itself. Also interesting is the kinetic idea of endlessness/infinity being born out of a finite physical reality.

The start of an ongoing narrative blog for 'The Universal Embrace'

Hi everybody, or no one at this stage!

This is the portal I will be using to share images words and multimedia in an unfolding narrative for the completion of my Masters of Education at Victoria University, Melbourne.

This is my very first post, so you will only probably see it Maureen!

Look forward to people joining me in an interactive vehicle that brings people together to philosophically inform my study.

Here is a little digital sketch I have done to encapsulate the first ideas of combining traditional and digital art, and my interest in maths and art-and also to see if an image posts! :-)

As you can see, this image focusses on two people embracing, and is constructed over a grid of a golden triangle. Important to note here, that although I will be initially focussing on constructing this multimedia piece with skeletal structures, I have intuitively rendered some of the chakras of the two people meeting up in the instant of the embrace.