Thursday, 27 June 2013

New developmental image of The Universal Embrace

I am loving the process of this narrative visual document growing in textures, colours, and metaphorical concepts.

As I progress through the important step of playing, (Stasko), I am finding a richness of expression in describing the two men hugging.

It has taken on quite a cosmic quality, and I am finding elements of the relationship, such as its sacredness, is being described visually, and I hope other people can relate this to their own relationships.

I dont even know where the idea of the golden section came from-apart from starting with something thats divine, and contrasting it with the simplifying and complicating of which can happen within that plane.

Tonight, I'll animate another GIG to put on The Universal Embrace's website for some idea as to where it is going.

Also, I have been experimenting with presenting the final presentation as an iBook to be published on the Apple iBook store. In this, I will have to consult with supervisors in that it is going to be an accepted format for my Masters.

I have managed to work out some level of interactivity and sound on the iBook, and to this end it actually does consider and express the interactivity of the piece.

In an ideal world, I would have the skills to make this a total web based interactive design, but my skills in designing something more epic than I can do is limiting my creative expression. Perhaps I can do some courses or ask some tech savvy friends.

I have found that apart from the body of the work I am having to be the technical person as well in the online and / or iBook manifestation of this project, and thats the silent part that I engage with that is separate from the concept. It is important and absolutely necessary though, to be able to express the digitised work in this way.

Here is a still from the interactive design, which I am very excited about! I can't wait to develop this idea further and start adding the interactive component of an audio narrative.

I love how the seen and unseen worlds are starting to resolve visually in the sacredness of a relationship, despite sometimes stormy weather!

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