Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The start of an ongoing narrative blog for 'The Universal Embrace'

Hi everybody, or no one at this stage!

This is the portal I will be using to share images words and multimedia in an unfolding narrative for the completion of my Masters of Education at Victoria University, Melbourne.

This is my very first post, so you will only probably see it Maureen!

Look forward to people joining me in an interactive vehicle that brings people together to philosophically inform my study.

Here is a little digital sketch I have done to encapsulate the first ideas of combining traditional and digital art, and my interest in maths and art-and also to see if an image posts! :-)

As you can see, this image focusses on two people embracing, and is constructed over a grid of a golden triangle. Important to note here, that although I will be initially focussing on constructing this multimedia piece with skeletal structures, I have intuitively rendered some of the chakras of the two people meeting up in the instant of the embrace.

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