Sunday, 19 May 2013

Constructing the embrace- the locale or scene of the event

I was mucking around last night with the concept of the embrace and was excited to come up with what I did!

My partner and I a few months ago had visited the local buddhist temple, the 'Heavenly Queen', excuse the pun, near Footscray.

Not only did I need a background image that had a horizon line in the centre horizontal of the interactive image, but the photo fit perfectly philosophically because I lend towards Buddhism as a religion.

The original idea was going to have the embrace happen at an airport, reflecting on the relationships I have had over a lifetime, and exacerbating the context of a loving embrace. I think that sense of impermanence is conveyed well within the confines of a buddhist structure.

I animated the image so that some sense of interactivity could be seen at the following link:!deciding-the-location-of-the-embrace/cte5

I have attached a unified pic here, that shows the imagined heart chakras located on the two dimensional plane in the centre of the largest square in the golden rectangle, with the 50% air, 50% ground, and the location behind.

The Universal Embrace happens in the context of a local buddhist temple.

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